Wednesday, 8 September 2010

And you thought you were "cool" because your iPhone has a Mercedes app...

     Well you're wrong! Unfortunately our beloved iPhone doesn't support Remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP) and it looks like rich people really like rSAP. Steve Jobs apologizes for not making you feel socially elevated enough.

     rSAP is a Bluetooth service present in all smartphones (hint: not iPhone) and on-board computers, depending on what options you chose for your car, that allows the following:
  • devices such as car phones with built in GSM transceivers can connect to a SIM card in a phone with Bluetooth, thus the car phone itself doesn't require a separate SIM card 
  • keeps on that pesky connection, that turns off all the time
  • works seamlessly with built in hands-free kits
  • media streaming
  • displaying the GPS program from your mobile device on the on-board screen
  • integrates GSM controls on-board or with the touch screen (of the car of course)

Mercedes-Benz's mbrace iPhone app allows:
  • you to find your vehicle
  • unlock it? (so why wouldn't you use the remote on the key which you anyway need to start the car?)
  • recommendations for entertainment and dining
  • traffic info
  • Mercedes-Benz service number
     We really wonder how an app that duplicates a GPS program by pinpointing a spot, showing POIs, traffic info and can dial one phone number, without any routing or any in-car connection capabilities has made it to the app store. However this shouldn't stop you to go boasting to your friends that actually have rSAP because heck!, they don't have a Mercedes app!