Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Poll: Who do you hate more?

   When the love fades and the hate starts to set in (I think the average is 3 weeks), if you are on the Family Room team and are anything like me, you may come across this shameful dichotomy. When you are handed a broken iPhone that's maybe just a bit out of warranty, or just battered a bit too hard, you'll ask yourself this question: Who do I hate more?

It probably stems down to, 'who do I want to disappoint more?'. Do you think

"Fuck the customer, he looks like a prick that doesn't know how to look after his phone. Maybe if he treated it with respect it would actually work properly. Also he didn't buy AppleCare, and I did, so fuck him and fuck his broken phone."


"Fuck Apple for making this piece of shit hardware that breaks all the time. I never had any of this shit with my old cheap handset. I don't care about how much it costs Apple, and fuck AppleCare. I can't be arsed to wait for him to kick off, I'm just gonna swap it."

So which one are you? Hard choice I know, but that's what the job brings out in you, pretty sad actually.

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