Wednesday, 15 September 2010

iPhone 5 wishlists are already showing up

     For some reason people have already started thinking about the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4 has just started selling, and by just I mean a little over two months ago, if my memory serves right. Is the Death Grip to blame? Is it the fact that Verizon is going to get it? Is it the slim design of the iPod touch 4G?
We’ve already seen some iPhone 5 rumors in the recent weeks and today we have a couple of iPhone 5 interesting designs.
     The first one shows the next-gen iPhone 5 as a very thin device, a lot thinner than the current iPod touch 4G. We’re probably years away before Apple will launch such a device, and when they do, it will surely be magical. Until that time we’ll remember the iPhone 5 and quickly move to the next thing.
     The second iPhone 5 design shows an iPhone 4-like design and the outer antenna is still there. What’s interesting about it are the apps, which are totally new, and they’d definitely convince you to buy the phone. And here’s what regular apps will be able to do on this iPhone 5, as there will be an app that:

  • Attracts UFOs
  • Ex-foliation
  • Spins straw into gold
  • Enables time travel
  • Makes you invisible
  • Pie on demand
  • Get out of jail free
  • Predicts future, changes past
  • Controls weather & stock market
  • Makes broccoli taste like chocolate
  • Masseuse
  • Gives flu to your ex
  • Cures flu
  • Repairs appliances
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Cleans teeth
  • Does your taxes & your hair
  • 3D video camera
  • Plays 3D movies
  • Washes your cat

          So, there’s an app for everything in the iPhone 5, and I’ll definitely love to see how fast these apps would be approved by Apple.
         But, leaving jokes aside, tell me what you actually expect from iPhone 5 (design, hardware, features) and if you still haven't returned/sold yours, how is your iPhone 4 experience?

    *just don't even bother saying "the antenna issue isn't such a big deal"

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