Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Net Promoaner Part 6-10

    I've decided to give you, the lovely readers, something to read at the weekend: and that's some reader emails! There's something about feeling other people's pain that makes us feel slightly better about ourselves, so hopefully every weekend we can all sigh together and let today be the first:

Bella bella!

"I really appreciate your blog. Now i know that I'm not the only person who considers Apple Stores in a realistic way"
Sharing the hate, worldwide. Arrivederci!

No one special says

"I have never lost more self esteem at a job. I've never felt less respected or appreciated for any contribution that I've made... 
...For a company that is so smart and that strives to hire the smartest people, it's insulting how much propaganda is shown in quarterly meetings. Aren't we supposed to be smarter than that? And aren't we supposed to be better than playing retail politics about who kisses the most ass gets promoted? It's disgusting."
You speak the truth my friend.

Adam is another guy who has been ruined by the Apple Retail experience.

"As a Fucking Retarded phone Swapper my normal happy go lucky, chipper attitude was slowly crushed into a paste of affable indifference and then finally molded and pressure baked into a loaf of shit bread."
Same here Adam, glad that you could actually see it was making you a worse human being, and well done for quitting.

This one comes in from Ant:

"I currently work as a medic on an ambulance in which I take care of people who smell like shit, and have a number of contagious diseases including AIDs, tuberculosis and hepatitis c. They spit on me, puke on me, and swear at me but this is only half the shit I would have had to put up with from Apple customers and managers. I'm payed slightly less and love my job as a medic far more than as an Apple retail bitch."
I like the way you went from 'enriching lives' at Apple, to actually enriching people's lives. You're a good man Ant.

'Apple user' makes a good point:

"The satisfaction of working hard and getting a job done is the best feeling in the world. However, doing that at Apple just wears off. You quickly realize that your work ethic has no change on how you're paid, your ability to move up, and respect from the company."
Another employee who very quickly doesn't give a fuck anymore.