Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Visits from corporate

Available appointments? Aahhh corporate are here...
Def in the top ten this one, as it comes with a bonus as the night before is just as bad. The whole store will be hoovered, wiped down, cleaned, screwdrivers will be put in perfect order in the genius drawers, BOH will be spotless, they'll be twice as many staff as usual, and extra hours will be opened up on the bar because we will have fucking royalty in the building tomorrow. This visit usually involves his/her highness definitely not talking to the soldiers simply way beneath them, but sitting in the office for a few hours with the managers, who will no doubt leave a sign on the door and someone in control who can't do POS overrides, and most certainly can't do CS overrides (so just put the reason at the top). The sheer incompetence blows me away. I was once so busy giving out rufurb remanufactured iPhones that I didn't even see them.

I'd love to see them turn up unannounced, as not only would they get a realistic view of what their precious stores look like, but also the managers would explode with panic and worry. Now there's a thought.