Sunday, 19 September 2010

iPhone fever news

This is a short post to summarize the latest changes and additions to the blog:

  • Customized ads.
    • Although I don't really care about revenue or income from this site, we have indeed reached 116,360 visits in less than a year! Even if until now the ads were there just to fill in the gaps after a chat with an old friend of mine I reached the conclusion there's no reason to not serve relevant content.
    • As of now I tried to direct AdSense towards all the other mobile and gadgets manufacturers, you might consider after reading my blog (this is what this blog is all about in the end, expanding your horizon!).
    • You can help me by either not clicking ADS at all or clicking ADS that are not Apple related. So please don't click iPhone ADS as this will cause even more of them to show up and this is what I and most other visitors would call irrelevant content! (Thanks)
    • I don't really need/want you to care or click the ads, but if you do so, please don't click the iPhone ones, it will only encumber the process of getting relevant ads.
  • Added search cloud and tags
    • To make browsing topics more fun and find the related ones easier
  •  Added translation (upper left corner).
    • I know it's poor and it doesn't work to well there simply is no time to translate it all into other languages. Even though this is certainly a most unsuccessful attempt for those of you not understanding English, out there, it's the best we can do for now.
  •  Coming soon.
    • Considering the large number of visits and the need for translation, I think TheiPhoneFever might soon become a self-sustained project.
    • This means two things: hired translators for your favorite language and possibly moving to .COM!
    •  Of course this are would be plans which would require dedication and time I don't have and you know what they say, if it ain't broken don't fix it;)
  • Other stuff.
    • A new hot topics tab, that is meant to highlight the most important articles on the blog. Keep in mind, most articles here won't easily get outdated, so go ahead and check them out!