Friday, 16 April 2010

iPad early adopters are fanboys - statistically speaking

Greg Packer, America's fanboy #1, first in line for the iPhone
Remember kids, you''ll grow up to be just like him!
     Research firm Piper Jaffray has released a survey today that includes the results of 448 launch day iPad buyers, and it appears that most are what could be considered Apple "fanboys."
    74 percent of the buyers were current Mac users, and 96 percent of those were completely satisfied with their Mac computers.
    66 percent of the buyers own iPhones. 13 percent owned Amazon Kindle e-readers but 58 percent were set to replace it with the iPad.
    The most popular model purchased was the cheap $499 16GB model, at 39 percent of all buys, followed by the more expensive 32GB model at 32 percent.

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    74 percent of all buyers will use the iPad for Internet surfing, with 38 percent using the device for e-book reading, according to the chart below: