Tuesday, 20 April 2010

iPhone 4G - An outdated design or just an outdated ripoff?

    For those of you familiar with the mobile world the N800(on the left) or N810(N900's predecessor) are some of the best tablets ever created by Nokia back in 2007. However, the resemblance with the iPhone 4G is astonishing if you keep in mind that the N810 if you notice the 4G is also more tilted in the picture above.
   Before saying how thick N800/N810 is consider that it also packs a full qwerty, stereo speakers, a kickstand, a stylus, a removable battery and it was designed 3 years ago.

     We also want to remind you Apple is involved in countless patent lawsuits, with with almost every single GSM manufacturer on the planet - "awkwardly" all GSM companies hold more patents against Apple (eg. Nokia has 24 claims against Apple which only has only has 13) - the importance is not ours to judge but the older you are in a business the more likely it is for you to own the most relevant patents. The outcome of this will certainly be an interesting one.

   After three years of delivering virtually the same design, you come up with this edgy design? I know edgy was a trend in cars around the 80s, but this is 2010! Wake up Apple, is that all you can do?

    This is what the young Steve Jobs had to add:

What do you think? Masterpiece? Bad design? or just a ripoff?
Tell us below.