Friday, 16 April 2010

EasyPay & EasyPay Touch

The first 3 iPhone generations - Brought to you by Windows CE

It's not easy, it's fucking shit.

    Screen calibration is shit, battery is shit, and just when you go to use it it needs to be reset because of low memory, while you have to make more bullshit small talk with some stupid idiots who have just spent half an hour bending your ear picking a fucking iPod case. Worst is when the battery dies halfway through a transaction, and you then have to majorly fuck about to see if it's actually billed the customer.

     I've been handed similar things as a customer in probably every restaurant I've eaten in within the last 5 years, without any problem, and they usually have a printer built in. But we couldn't do that, we have to try and turn everybody into digital fucking Human 2.0s by emailing their receipt, despite the fact that they may actually be classed as a fossil.

EasyPay Touch: Are you taking the fucking piss?
    Are you ready? Seriously, here comes Apple's greatest show of ignorance to the UK Retail market ever: EasyPay Touch. They said it was gonna be amazing - no more Fujitsu B for Bullshit-Pads with shite batteries and terrible screens, you get to use an iPod! Sounds great right?
    But guess what? There's no chip-and-pin card reader on it.

     For fuck's sake, let me just drag you over here to put your card in the slot, then I'll drag you over here to get a bag for you and then finally over here to get your receipt.