Saturday, 10 April 2010

There`s no app for that! (missing features)

iOS 5.0

   iDon't have audio/video streaming for 90% of the multimedia sites.
   iDon't have Flash or Flash Lite - flash sites, apps or games simply do not work.
   iDon't have push idle so battery drains very fast even on push.
   iDon't have push e-mail if i'm jailbroken, even if it's a paid service! (certificate conflict)
   iDon't render HTML5 graphics, nor can iHandle HTML5 controls.
   iDon't process HTML attachments correctly.

File management:
   iDon't have access to my internal folders by any means - no app in the iStore allows this!
   iDon't even have access to set mp3s as ringtones.
   iDon't handle DivX, XviD, FLV native video.
   iDon't handle ZIP, RAR or SFX - no app in the iStore allows this! 

iPhoneOS, SDK and Security limitations:
   iDon't support widgets of any kind on the home screens.
   iDon't have proper file security, mp3 files are watermarked with personal data.
   iDon't have proper application security, any iStore app can steal personal data.
   iDon't have proper platform security, any non-iStore app can break your device.
   iDon't have user privacy for: online shopping(1), visited sites(2), your location(3)
   iDon't have native multitasking(1), apps have to be specially coded for multitasking (1993)(2)

   iDon't have built-in basic functionality like:
   sending contact cards via BT, TO-DO application, save web pages, calendar week view, etc.
   MACos and iOS are based on open source software,
   yet iTunes treats free open source applications like purchases + FairPlay DRM wrap.

iPhone 4S

   iDon't have full GPRS/EDGE speed (CLASS 10 is four times slower than CLASS 33!)
   iDon't have a decent GSM/GPS/WiFi signal(1) the connection is far worse than on 3GS(2)
   iDon't handle carrier/network videocall - can't videocall other devices.

   iDon't have DLNA (streaming HD content wireless on a HDTV).
   iDon't have UPnP technology (automatic WiFi setup) some networks simply don't work.

   iDon't fully support AVRCP (BT remote)(1) industry standard(2) can't skip tracks.
   iDon't support any Bluetooth services when pairing with a MacBook.
   iDon't have any BT file sharing - my Bluetooth is almost useless! 

   iDon't have PC/MAC/LINUX connectivity without iTunes.
   iDon't have standard USB connectivity/charging(1) without custom cables and adapters(2)
   iDon't have standard TRSR headset wiring,  TRRS  requires a jack adapter.
   iDon't give a damn about the environment: short cables but tons of iAccesories. 

Screen/User Interface:
   iDon't have themes support.
   iDon't have a scalable OS, apps on the iPad are simply stretched to fit.
   iDon't have a desktop, entire UI is (dis)organized as a single "start" menu.
   iDon't have neither haptic nor any other type of touch feedback whatsoever.
   iDon't have a standard(16:10, 16:9, 4:3) aspect ratio, videos don't fit my screen too well.

   iDon't have an FM radio or transmitter.
   iDon't have ISO control (any phone has this feature).
   iDon't have exposure control or any camera settings (any phone has this feature).

   iDon't eject my sim without a special key.
   iDon't have a removable battery.
   iDon't have micro SD/expandable memory, you're stuck to buying overpriced models.
   iDon't have a proper build quality, uninsulated antenna causes dropped calls 
   iDon't have a proper build quality, uninsulated antenna causes slow internet connections.
   iDon't have a proper build quality, screen/back scratch/shatter easier than ever.
   iDon't sell cheap but my value at FOXCONN in China(1), where I am made, is ~190$(2)

Hardware flaws (exclusively in iPhone 4):
   External uninsulated antennae that cause dropped calls and slow internet connections. 
   Screen and back made out of cheap glassy material that both scratches and cracks.
   Dead pixels and light leakage on the "Retina" display.
   Inverted volume controls on some units.
   SIM cards don't work in some units.
   Camera doesn't work in some units.
   Proximity sensor doesn't work in some units.
   Microphone doesn't work in some units.

[...]many other non-touch devices have offered for a long time all the functions numbered here but for the sake of fair-play they have not been considered in this document. Experienced users can enable few of the missing software features by jailbreaking that often leads to breaking the GSM and email function or worse. Ultimately Apple has declared jilbreaking illegal!