Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sales Fails: Personal Shopping

I suppose the idea was good, you could book in to have some time with a Specialist rather than just come in walk around trying to find somebody, but ultimately it was pointless. Managers would never check to see if anybody was actually booked in, so it would be a scramble to find somebody anyway. And when you book in, you probably expect it to be planned and have someone who knows what they're talking about- maybe in the beginning, but that soon faded when they started hiring fucktards.

The original Personal Shopping cards (either pictured here to a darker blue, I can't remember and don't really care) had a specific code on the back that you had to type in!! Imagine that, so you've been in, realized it was rammed, got one of these cards, gone home to book in, to come back. Pointless. They then realized that the code was a shit idea and have made it so any fucker can book in. They bullshitted about how successful it was, and that a huge percentage of people that have a PS will end up buying (as opposed to someone who comes in and says 'Can I buy a MacBook?'), so you have to book them in. My managers were so interested in bonuses and figures that they made us book fake PS appointments for walk-ins that bought computers so that the PS buying percentage was very high.