Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Movies you should watch: Office Space

Lumbergh fucked her.
If you're considering a job with Apple Retail (and if you've read even half the posts on this blog, then fuck you'll work anywhere), then there are a few movies that you should see first.

A few people have said to me, "have you seen Office Space?" because of the similarities between Initech, Chotchkie's and Apple. The managers at Apple bear a striking resemblance to the managerial characters in the movie, in-particular the smug-prick streak apparent in both Lumbergh and Stan. You will be told the Apple equivalent of "not wearing enough flair" or that "you're gonna need to come in on Sunday too" often enough to remind you of this movie.

Also worth noting is the hate, the sheer depression Peter feels towards his job. Unfortunately at Apple you don't get the opportunity to 'space-out', but, like Peter, you will no doubt have more than one manager come and undermine you if you've not been selling enough one to one or if you have upset a member of the holy Genius team.

Also note-worthy is the way in which Aniston's character leaves her waitressing job. This moment is executed in such a fashion it will inspire you to prepare something for the day you finally snap.

And of course the printers. Fucking printers. PC load letter.