Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Product launches

When Apple launch a new product, you will remember how much you hated NSO. It will also remind you of your hatred for the fuckers queuing outside. But on the inside, it's just as painful. When Apple launched Leopard, they closed the stores during the day for a few hours and blacked out the windows because of all the super-secret goings on instore, before the OS went on sale at 6p.m. The dumb thing was, we had to image all the machines overnight, so the not-so-geeky customers that walked in in the morning got to play with it all day. But the losers outside didn't realize that.

Anyway, when a new product comes along, if you're Red Zone (followed closely by BOH) you'll be the first person that's asked if they'd like to over work and burn-out by working an amount of hours that probably breaks employment law. When the doors open, you will know practically nothing about the product as you either will not have even touched one, or there is one in the safe that you've seen for 10 minutes. The pathetic thing is, sometimes it's already out in the States but we'll still have no training on it. Current employees that imported an iPad were strictly told NOT to bring it in, and customers would come in and smuggly present their gold while the Specialists gather round and slither all over it. Then you won't be able to buy a discounted one for ages.

The indoor cheering as well. The congratulations. Agh fucking hell.

This image sums it up perfectly. God it makes me weep.