Thursday, 18 November 2010

iPhone users want Flash desperately!

iPhone users don't need Flash, Flash is no longer necessary.
Steve Jobs

     Yet the recently launched Skyfire with flash video support for iPhone has been "sold out".
   The pseudo-Flash-capable browser has just disappeared from iTunes App Stores around the globe, mere hours after its splashy debut. Trying to download it in the United States yields a "request could not be completed" message, and RazorianFly readers are chiming in with reports that the app is no longer available in Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Spain and the UK.
    Skyfire said that the demand for a Flash video workaround is apparently so high that the company's having server issues and decided to pull the app rather than introduce new users to a sub-par experience. Skyfire assures us that it's adding servers as quickly as it can, but didn't provide an ETA on when we might see the app once more.
    Full flash experience is something you won't get on the iPhone and using servers to transcode it certainly doesn't provide the best user experience out there. However the Skyfire event is proof that iPhone users need and want Flash desperately, even if most of them would never admit that. It's the right price to pay when choosing *bling* over usability and features.

VIA: RazorianFly