Friday, 12 November 2010

iOS 4.2 postponed indefinitley because of iPad WiFi bug

     It looks like Apple's incompetence in designing hardware can only be matched by their inability to code reliable software and the poor build quality of the products made in The Far East (read: Shenzhen, China, new MacBook Air).
     After weeks of slumbering, Apple's iOS update has today gone from "gold" to cancelled as the severe iPad Wi-Fi *leak* has *spilled* over the dev team yet again. How something that was fixed in the first place can break with an "update" is beyond me but, hey!, so is the way they managed to patch a hardware flaw with software.
     Many users of the Golden Master version of 4.2 reported that a WiFi connection could be established by their devices but, once made, they were unable to actually do anything on the 'net, and not being able to do anything on the 'net is what we like to call a Very Bad Thing. No word on exactly when a new version will be available, but it should still drop within the next few weeks. [Edit]It looks like a new beta of the beta version has shown up that is supposed to fix the WiFi flaw; if it doesn't a long wait for iOS 4.3 awaits...
    Please don't come asking how Google manages to roll full OS updates on dozens of feature packed devices with different CPUs at once and Apple can't even manage a few wimpy wannabe smart devices that can't even send a picture through bluetooth, connect to a PC or anything else for that matter...

Will you trade WiFi connectivity for multitasking?