Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Apple Siri-ous about copying Android, innovation nowhere to be found

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  After succesfully replicating the Android notification system, Apple has made the next step to the voice control feature.
    The next "real hip" thing on every mobile gadgetry website you'll find will be Apple's "Siri", a voice recognition app that can make calls, record messages, play music, launch another application or google something up for you, nothing more than Vilingo could do since 2010 when it was released. I say nothing more because nothing less certainly doesn't apply. But as the process of copying the iPhone 2G from Samsung didn't really go too well, Siri too has a few shortcomings:
  • The voice quality on Siri is not quite there yet
  • It's harder to activate than the the double tap on Galaxy S2
  • It still seems to lack voice activation compared to Samsung's Galaxy series
  • It's only available in English and it can't recognize accents
You can check the ripoff after the break:


"Looks like Apple is about to get SIRI-ous with voice recognition."