Sunday, 18 September 2011

Apple's iPhone before the leaked Samsung F700

    Many smartphone blogs and websites have taken the Apple version of the F700, that one that the F700 was showcased one month after the first iPhone. Even if that was true, Samsung engineers must have been freaking geniuses or robots (androids if you will) to build a working phone within less than 30 days.

    The actual, real and only truth is that the F700 leaked at least four months ahead of iPhone. You might not know him (and if iPhone was your firs't "smart"phone, don't even bother), but at that time Eldar Murtazin was famous for his inside info on Nokia and Samsung. His blog contained info and pictures of devices even 12 months before the devices were released and he knew every single move the companies made (such as Nokia being "bought" by Microsoft), month before the news hit the papers.
    I can't 100% claim that the pictures below are his leak, but they are 100% proof of F700 being out there months before the iPhone 2G. If you know Russian and are "that desperate" (faking evidence, pictures, device performance, or release dates is nothing new for Apple employees/lawyers/fanboys, than you are my guest to look up Russian sites and blogs until iPhone 6 is released ;)

    [edit] And for those of you doubt the time interval I have this to say: Apple will soon have released in 2011 3 new iPhones spring to autumn and 3 new Macs (one pro, two Airs). Both Samsung and Sony released around twice as many devices, so give Foxconn some credit. "iOS" was as barren as a feature phone firmware, it wasn't even called an OS; so put your mind at ease knowing that developers usually use various boards for development and matching the right hardware before they decide on the much more expensive combination that will go into a compact shape. Was the firmware for iPhone 2G developed in more than 6 months? Sure, nobody commissions a device for manufacture before experimenting with hundreds of CPU/RAM/Screen/Battery/OS configurations.

Original date of the unedited picture samples of F700 along with the CGI edit date(above)