Sunday, 8 May 2011

Apple loses US Army contract, Russian govermnent wants to ban iProducts due to security concerns

    Apple has lost the U.S. Army defense contract in favor of Android for upcoming Army-approved smartphones and tablets, as well as  for apps that will be necessary for missions.
  There have been concerns about security for Android as compared to other mobile OS but most officials deemed Android the most secure, as the Army will be able to use the open source software as they choose, likely beefing up security even more. In terms of stability and connectivity, the OS is leaps and bounds above the competition.
    During combat, the devices will likely have to have satellite  phone-capabilities, meaning round-the-clock data and voice with no lapses. The Army wants every soldier to have one of the future Android devices, to ensure they are connected during missions. A prototype dubbed the Joint Battle Command-Platform is already being tested. Apps will include "critical messaging" for exchanging medevac requests and other emergencies, and A Blue Force Tracker program to make sure soldiers know where friendlies are. Finally, the phones will be able to withstand extreme wear-and-tear  and will likely be similar to the rugged "ToughBooks" created by Panasonic.

     RIM announced last week that its PlayBook tablet received FIPS 140-2 certification, thus allowing it to be used by U.S. government officials. No other tablet has received FIPS certification to date.
    The Russian government is considering disallowing the use of Apple’s  iPad tablet within government agencies due to security concerns,  Russian-language business news site RBC Daily reports. Instead,  it is investigating various alternative tablet options including RIM’s  BlackBerry PlayBook, Android-powered tablets or even a new device created by a Russian agency. Government security experts are reportedly  looking for more “cryptographically secure tablet PCs” than Apple’s iPad  tablet, and if the U.S. National Institute of Standards and  Technology’s recent certification is any indication, the BlackBerry  PlayBook could fit the bill.

Via: Financial Post, Afterdawn