Saturday, 9 April 2011

Why the iPhone 4S is coming out

    Well the white iPhone is finally out and it seems it's nothing like the original iPhone. You still get the antennagate signal strength drop, but the meter has been rigged to show full bars and with an added rubber condom you might even get enough signal to call 911 after an avalanche, or you know, when your private jet crashes on a remote island.
But leaving signal aside because "people don't buy iPhones to make calls" (fanboy quote over) the iPhone 4 white does have a few aces up it's sleeve:
  • It's thicker so it doesn't crack as easy as the cheap plastic on the original iPhone 4
  • A more recessed camera lens, to get rid of those nasty flash leaks
  • A better end improved proximity sensor, see release hardware flaws
     Unfortunately the thicker white plastic is as cheap and as crappy as the original, so it does tend to get  grungy on the sides (if used without a rubber condom) and yellow discoloration, fading and the same kind of material suckening the white iPhone 4s over time.
      In the meantime Apple is busy dismissing the thickness "issue" which can also be the fault of those poor Foxconn rascals. In communist China you make iPhone! In USA, iPhone makes you, because you have to be trendy, right?
    In a Steve Jobs-like manner, Apple's Senior Vice President of Product Marketing Phil Schiller responded: "It is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read". Bravo Phil, you showed them!... that the white iPhone is still as cheap and cracks just as easy as the original.(Read about ConsumerReports and MacBook air subtle changes below)
    Consumer reports, after their "not recommending - recommending iPhone 4" bonus also jumped to help, providing a nice photo with a nice lady, squeezing the two iPhones into the same thickness.
Via: 9to5 Mac,, MSNBC