Tuesday, 22 March 2011

2011 MacBook Pros can't stop freezing and crashing

     Just when we were about to think MACos is on the right track - since it's the last OS to finally get TRIM support to properly use SSD drives - it looks like the shabby build quality(1)(2) and software issues, just won't give it a break!
     Starting with the launch of Apple's new flagship MacBook Pros in late February, there have been hundred of reports of "hard freezes", the device locking up when users are running multiple programs - yes, don't be afraid to lol, multitasking seems to be quite an intense issue for Apple. Despite Apple's attempt to cure the problem with an update to OS X 10.6.7, users are reporting the issue still occurring.

    The issue is stemming from the 15 and 17-inch models, each of which feature Sandy Bridge Core i7 quad-core CPUs and AMD Radeo HD graphics processors.
    A thread entitled "MacBook Pro 2011 17" hard freeze" on the Apple discussion forum is nearing 70 pages, with most users complaining about the crashes whenever using multiple apps, especially video intensive ones like iMovie or gaming.
One user, dT explains, was able to pinpoint the problem:
    The issue occurred when running CPU-heavy processes along with programs that caused graphics processing to shift from the new Sandy Bridge processor to the discrete AMD Radeon graphics processor. 
    Hopefully the community will also provide a fix for this issue since Apple seems unable to do so - most likely they will remove the support topic like they did when the iPhone 4 issues were first reported. The days when you could take a Mac and just surf the web and use those few features and programs it has to offer are long gone. If you want to be a hipster, go get one, but don't forget you might have to get your hands dirty. Or you can simply install Windows 7 and enjoy the great stability and features it has to offer.

Via: Apple support