Saturday, 5 February 2011

Movies you should watch: Waiting

"God I can't wait to quit this job!"
    My favorite movie parallel has to be Waiting. This film has everything. Take Monty, Serena and Raddimus first. They work there, they think it's bullshit and don't care in the slightest about the customer or the brand. They all get on well with each other and are just looking forward to a few drinks with some good people at the weekend. These are your classic 'sound' specialists- probably at uni or maybe don't have a degree and are just earning a few bills to pay the rent and spend on beer.

    Then you've got Dean. Although only slightly educated, he knows that he's too good for this place. Like everyone else he realizes that this is not a career and is just a job, but thinks bigger and knows he needs to leave.

    Calvin is your classic LOF, suck-up clipboard wannabe manager weener who does see this as a career and would do anything to sit in the office and conduct Daily Brownload.

Look at the hate on that face.
    And then there's Dan- a manager who loves telling people what to do but who wanders around and does NO work whatsoever. He is also very weak and folds like origami when a customer kicks off and demands some free shit.

    There's bitchy customers, Naomi has been there 'waahaahaay too long', and Mitch has to sit through some core training bullshit videos in which you'll be introduced to Apple-esque Shennanigans slogans like "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary... is that little extra!"