Friday, 16 July 2010

Hipster employees - hipster customers

I strongly assume this belongs to a staff member
   There was a time when Apple was about thinking differently, and there was a certain niche about owning a Mac. Now every fucker has got one. Apple seem to have taken a leaf out of the paedophile handbook - instead of offering sweets to children, they offer free iPods and printers to lure them in. Then, when they least expect it they'll fuck them up the arse by making the MacBooks out of cheap fucking plastic that cracks so it needs another pointless repair. And if you're a fucking hipster with a mac, then put on your big glasses and don your woolly hat cos you're hired bro!!


   Is there an app to tell this guy to get a fucking life and point out he's only a face-mask away from being mistaken for the galaxy's trendiest Stormtrooper?