Saturday, 26 June 2010

NetPromoaner Part 1-5

   I've decided to give you, the lovely readers, something to read at the weekend: and that's some reader emails! There's something about feeling other people's pain that makes us feel slightly better about ourselves, so hopefully every weekend we can all sigh together and let today be the first:

Floor's all yours Phil

"The company is a joke. It has turned into a glorified cell phone store with cell phone store patrons and problems. Only with a totally defective iPhone 4 product. I can't wait to leave that fucking place. I tell my fiancee everyday that this is the worst place i have ever worked in my entire life, and I've worked some shit jobs before. I feel like everyone there is possessed and I am the only normal one left. It's actually quite terrifying."
Ha. Terrifying it is. Don't forget onetoone with that phone Phil.

This one is courtesy of a chap called Robert, who's best sentence was probably:

"I have never felt so undervalued as an employee or so constantly undermined by useless management as I did at Apple."
Thanks Robert!

Sheila sent me a long story about how she was treated like shit, which, I suppose ended upsettingly with

"I crawled into bed that night with a container of aspirin and half a bottle of gin. (True story.)"
Head up Sheila, it's not worth it.

Tony sent me this little nugget of truth:

"The last decent manager we had at my store left 3 years ago. He could think for himself and tailor the strategy for our store's success... My team (Genius team) has been miserable ever since."
Push those boxes Tony!

Feedback time again, and another fan's words to brighten our day. This one comes from a lady down south who writes:

"Everything you have said is everything I have ever thought...nice to know I'm not alone."